25 percent of lung cancer patients are candidates for surgery. AcuityBio’s drug-eluting polymer implant, ABC103, would be administered during initial tumor removal surgery and prevent recurrence.



ABC103: Demonstrated Efficacy Combines Approved Products 














  • Safety and Efficacy in preclinical models

    • Excellent long-term (>60day) safety in rodent and large animal resection models (rabbit and pig)    

  • Long-term targeted delivery of therapeutic levels of paclitaxel to areas at highest risk for harboring residual cancer cells

  • Compatibility with existing standard of care procedures approved devices using approved and efficacious drug preventing recurrence


  • Approved for use to treat many cancers including lung cancer 

Biodegradable Polymers for Coating 

  • Used in multiple FDA approved products

Staple line buttress

  • 510K cleared

Platform Technology
ABC Technology can be used to deliver many compounds.

Our product candidate is based on technology developed and patented by AcuityBio; which can deliver many drugs and be applied to additional indications besides lung cancer. 


Our technology can be applied to many delivery challenges please inquire about co-development opportunities