About Cook Biotech

Cook Biotech Inc. develops and manufactures medical products for tissue repair and regenerative medicine applications using proprietary extracellular matrix (ECM) technologies and processes. Cook Biotech products are marketed and distributed under several brand names, including Biodesign® and OASIS®. Cook Biotech collaborates with partners and distributors, including AxoGen Inc., Aziyo Biologics, Cook Medical Inc., Cormatrix, Katena Products Inc., Keystone Dental Inc., and Smith & Nephew Inc. to develop new products and provide technical support.  Cook Biotech’s engagement with their customers ranges from private-label, contract manufacturing to support in areas of research, development, and regulatory affairs.  If you have an idea for a transformative medical solution, please contact us at www.cookbiotech.com/contact


Cook Biotech was established in 1995 and is affiliated with Cook Medical Holdings in Bloomington, Indiana. It is in the Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette, Indiana. For more information, visit www.cookbiotech.com.